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Company Profile

TAIM srl realizes for over 25 years machinery for solid, liquid and sterile dose processing for pharmaceutical and nutritional industry. Our high standard policy that goes from designing to realization, allows TAIM to offer up to date process machinery.

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The need of maintaining a high standard flexibility engages TAIM to structure as a job shop, organizing its propre production in several departments. At the interior of this productive site, other departments coexist, necessary to a perfect realization of the machinery for pharmaceutical industry and manufacture in steel inox as: welding TIG, polishing, cutting, bending, assembling and testing. Next to this guide-line, there are also departments of manufacturing for the removal of shavings, with lathe capable of working diameters of 2300mm, lathes CNC, millers CNC with working volume of 3000mm x 1200mm x 1500mm and qualified personel.

TAIM's structure

Our working method explains itself in how TAIM's reality is organised. TAIM's structure consists in a technical department and productive site, next to an aministration department, which contains Invoicing, Purchasing, Research & Development and International Sales Office.

Quality police

TAIM's top management determines and monitors its quality system on its effectiveness on an ongoing basis. Resuming daily quality activities, TAIM's operator's are continuously occupied with analysing the cause of any problem, planning of TAIM's goals in production and in development of its projects, continuous monitoring of organizing procedures in order to improve and to prevent problems, attention for the company's communication and quality control on our products. But next to a daily quality management, four more wide quality pilars determine TAIM's business being.


Quality in co-Operation

Social Involvement is a keyconcept of TAIM's culture. Therefore our company tries to engage in a number of projects. The will to follow new ideas created a collaboration with the faculty of Engineering of the University of the Studies of L'Aquila, with integration of appendiceships and graduation theses.


Quality in Safety, Health & Environment

Our company considers itself sensible to the growing expectations in the sector of quality and environment. And that is why Taim srl achieved not only the ISO 9001:2000 certificat for its quality management, but also the ISO 14001:2004 certificate for its cure of the environment.


Quality in Development and Production

Conserving an artisan spirit in the accuracy of its conceivements, TAIM satisfies even the newest and more particular request thanks to its propre departments of high standard designing and production, and to the presence of high profiled personel with the programmation of each intervention, offering the most complete know-how.


Quality in Support

To offer adequat solutions for our Client's demands, to become the ideal partner... this is our maingoal, purchased from our offer of products of high standard, cured into the minour detail and the maintainance of a high flexibility troughout all the fases who caracterize the product's development, starting with the specific Clients demands until the post-sale assistance.

Sales process engineering

To achieve our goals we follow a strict sales process engineering, which means a systematic application of scientific and mathematical principals to achieve a particular goal before, during and after the sales process. Obviously, these achievements are not only deductible to TAIM's Sales Department, but are imposed from a variety of functions coming from the technical, administrative, and R&D office. In this prospect, Customer Service is included as a part of an overall approach to systematic improvement.

Customer Service

TAIM's customer's service aims to enhance the level of our customer's satisfaction. Our achievements must meet the Client's expectation. This is the key-concept on which every operator TAIM must build his work performance.


Customer Service, Training, Validation, Spare Part Service. TAIM aims for a high Standard in an after-sale technical assistance. From designing to production, our key concept translates itself into flexibility.

Customer Care

TAIM's technical department offers technical training and assistance, Documentation & Validation Support, E-maintenance and Spare Parts Service. The major goal of our company consists in the satisfaction of the Client, expressed in terms of customer oriented factory, and respect for a precise and reliable timing during the whole development and process of every project.

Training & Validation

Each intervention near our Client's site is planned into the finest detail. Our Quality Office elaborates all needed documentation, to submit to the Client's approval, as well as planning and protocols for all types of testing, offering the most complete know-how.