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    About TAIM

    TAIM srl realizes for over 25 years machinery for solid, liquid and sterile dose processing for pharmaceutical and nutritional industry.

    Our high standard policy that goes from designing to realization, allows TAIM to offer up to date process machinery.

  • Solid Dose Processing

    We cure all possible aspects of the various steps in solid pharmaceutical processing.









  • Liquid Dose Processing

    Our company cures an accurate homogenized Liquid Dose Processing, throughout machinery of high standard and studied details.

    For the preparation of liquid forms, our production centers on different types of mixers, with specific characteristics for each single process

  • Sterile Dose Processing

    The TSR line satisfies the needs of mixing of sterile pharmaceutical and biotechnological liquid forms, allowing Cleaning in Place (CIP) and Sterilization in Place, according the 97/23/EC (PED) and directives. TSR, of the vertical type, can be realized for containing volumes from 10l up to a maximum of 30.000l and over. It presents itself with a cylindrical shell and with a semielliptic upper and lower bottom, integrating a thermostatic jacket, temperature, as even pressure, pH and DO probes and security valves.

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    Granulation Line

    TAIM realized an all-in-one jewel for granulation, milling and drying with its High Shear Mixer, a standard system of mixing and granulation with a bowl designed to contain pharmaceutical powders during mixing and wet granulation.
    TAIM's Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator is especially designed for the drying of granules and spray granulation. The drying process is contained within TFBD.

  • Working Method

    TAIM is Designing and Construction of Machinery and Production Plants for Pharmaceutical Industry, Following a clear Working Method from the User Requirement Specifications until the after-construction Validation.
    - URS Evaluation & Commercial Offer
    - Kick-Off LY Drawings & PID Schemes
    - Executive Meccanical & Automation Designing
    - Machinery & Plant Construction
    - Installation & Commissionning
    - Quality Master Plan & IQ/OQ/PQ/DQ Validation

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  • We pretend quality when we buy in order to ensure quality of our products. TAIM carefully selects and chooses its deliverers, based on the criteria of reliability and top-notch quality.

    Celestina Di Paolo profile
    I joined TAIM srl in 2000. The search for qualified suppliers, the quality of our purchased products, the guarantee of provisions in complete respect of the production's timing are my goals for customer satisfaction.
  • The attention and assistance TAIM grants to the client represents a cornerstone of its business policy, in order to meet the client's most varied needs and to guarantee absolute professionalism and highest quality.

    Patrizia Lusi profile
    I entered the company in 1995 and my personal growth went hand in hand with the company's growth. The expansion of production also changed my position, so that today I take care of the administrative aspect.

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